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Mental Game Golf Instruction Videos, Articles and Groups

By editor - Posted on 25 November 2008

Sports mind coaching has grown in importance over recent years in all sports not just golf.  But in golf, perhaps more than any other sport, a good grasp of the mental game is essential in improving your performance, regardless of whether you are a touring professional or a weekend high-handicapper.

The mental game of golf covers many subjects and it will take many years of dedication to 'master' (if that is even possible) all aspects of how your brain helps or hinders your performance at golf.  It may only be aspiring or current touring professionals who have the time and the money to regularly employ the services of leading sports mind coaches, but for amateur golfers at all levels even a one-off session with a sports mind coach could work wonders for your game. 

For those of you who have never tried any of this sports mind coaching malarkey before and who regard it as a bit of mumbo-jumbo, then do be open-minded and at the very least read some of these fine instruction articles from some of the leading sports mind coaches in the world, watch their videos or visit their websites.  You can even ask them questions in the groups and forums on this site.  This is one aspect of the game of golf that is risk-free to try.  Tweaking your 'mental game' will not change your golf swing, will not change your putting style and will not change your short game; but it will (if you let it) help you get the best out of your abilities without risking changes to your technique, and it will save you shots off every round.

Topics covered on the mental game (in no particular order) include (this list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Goal Setting
  • Expectations Management
  • Understanding When Your Perform At Your Best
  • Managing Your State
  • Controlling Your Emotions
  • How to Practice Effectively
  • Creating an Effective Pre-Shot Routine
  • Creating an Effective Post-Shot Routine
  • Dealing With Bad Shots
  • Dealing With First Tee Nerves
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Decision Making
  • Concentration
  • Effective Breathing
  • Statistical Analysis of Performance

The following golf instructors have expertise in the mental game.  Why not click on their profiles, visit them and see what they can do for your game.

United Kingdom

Karl Morris

Les Evans


David Breslow

Dr. Joe Parent

Randy Friedman

Mental Game Video Tutorials

We have over 20 free video lessons on the mental game of golf.

Mental Game Instruction Articles

We are adding free golf instruction articles to the site all the time.  Here are a selection that are currently available:

Dealing With First Tee Nerves by David Breslow

Stop Trying So Hard by David Breslow

Asking Yourself Good Questions - The Power of What If by David Breslow

Mental Game Groups - If you are interested in this part of the game then why not join one of these groups for free?

NW Mind Performance Group - For anyone interested in using their mind to help improve their golf, based in North West United Kingdom.

Questions About the Mental Game - Open to all golfers of all standards.


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