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Stop Trying So Hard And You Will Play Better Golf

By David Breslow - Posted on 25 November 2008

Many of my golf clients spend a lot of time and money developing solid swing mechanics. As a result, they work hard on their swings and constantly focus on trying to make it better and better. The problem so many of these golfers have is that they take this, “try hard” attitude out on the golf course and it causes real problems. Without realizing it they are coming in direct conflict with one of the most common paradoxes in golf (and in life for that matter). The paradox is:

Less Is More!

While many people understand this paradox from an intellectual perspective they often “violate” the paradox by doing just the opposite; they do more to get more. Have you ever tried to really “crush” a shot? What happened? Tom, a 7 handicap tells me, “I’m a pretty good golfer and there are times I really want to get more out of a shot and when I try to do that I rarely get what I want. In fact, I wind up hitting a pretty ineffective golf shot.”
Has that ever happened to you? This is a perfect example of what I call “The Try Factor”. We are taught to “try, try and try some more” to get what we want in life. For many, this turns into OVER-trying which creates more problems. The reason is because we don’t trust our own abilities and we lose confidence. (I deal with this in my audio progam, “The 7 Keys to Unshakable Confidence”).

When we play golf we are told things like, “just hit the ball” or “let it go”. This confuses our internal wiring system because there is a conflict between the two messages, one being “try and work hard” and the other which is, “just let it go…don’t try so hard.” Can you see the confusion this sets up?

It doesn’t matter what level player you are; this conflict is not good for your game!
Think about it this way. Do you try to drive your car? Do you try to eat your meals? Do you try to ride a bike? Can you see how awkward and inefficient it would be to try and do these things? Trying to hit the golf ball interferes with a smooth golf swing and you will lose rhythm, power and flow.
Stop trying so hard and start trusting your swing…you might like what you see!

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