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Golf Driving Tips: How to drive the ball further using your existing equipment and better leg action

Groundforce: through the dynamics of a good leg action, the direction of the swing is reversed and the arms fall into a good hitting position.
Driving a golf ball longer and straighterInitiating the Downswing Transition
Centrifugal forces are multiplied down through the arms and into the club shaft to deliver the maximum speed into the back of the ball.
Golfer at impactGolfer Follow through with driver
Through the full release and rotation of the body, this is the position you must strive for: right shoulder points to the target, weight on the left side, perfect balanced.

Here's another terrific exercise to help you feel the dynamics that exist in a good swing as the left side of the body initiates the transition back to the ball from the top of the backswing.

All you need is a decent sized towel.  To get started you simply assume a good set­up position and hold on to the ends of the towel as I am doing here (i.e. with the palm of your right hand facing up to the sky, the left­ hand palm facing down to the ground).

Golf Practice Towel DrillGolf Swing Practice Drills - Towel Drill

From here the idea is to maintain that distance between your hands as you make your backswing, combining your arm­swing with your body turn as you wind up and keeping the towel loose.  Then, as you reverse the momentum to initiate the downswing action; a process that again works from the ground up, you want to feel your left side pulling away from the right so that you create tension in the towel.

For a split­ second the right side resists while the left side pulls back towards the target and therein lies one of the fundamental keys to the way good players generate power. Notice (in the sequence below) the way the plane of the towel shallows as I shift into the downswing, exactly the move you want to cultivate in your golf swing.

Holding and storing power this way sets you up for a consistent delivery on the ball. With the right side resisting momentarily, feel your left side left knee, hip, arm and shoulder pull the towel down. Feel the stretch as you `squat' into this powerful delivery position.

Rehearse this move in front of a full ­length mirror: having loaded up the backswing with a full coil, sense that your left foot and left knee simultaneously initiate the downswing, leading to this `squat' lower body position all good players look to achieve. The sequence is literally working from the ground up; your feet using the resistance of the ground to secure the chain of motion. Once safely negotiated, this key move leaves you free to unwind your arms and body `together' through the ball.

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