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Golf Driving Tips: How to hit Longer, Straighter Drives

Did the Earth Move For You?

If you want to improve your swing dynamics and generate more power with less effort, you need to feel and appreciate the way your body moves and interacts with terra firma.

Exercising without a club in your hands will help you to appreciate the way in which your body moves. Strike a good posture, hold your arms up (as I am doing here) and rehearse the basic pivot motion with your focus on the role of the lower body.
Golf Driver Posture
Turn against the resistance of the right knee/thigh, and then feel this separation as your left foot, knee and hip initiate the transition into the downswing.

The right side of the body then `fires' through impact and you finish on your left side with your body more or less straight. The same dynamic can be seen at the core of the action in the sequence below.

In recent years golf instruction has increasingly been littered with references to the virtues of an `athletic' posture and `dynamic balance'; phrases that are often banded about with little real understanding as to the practical translation within a sound golf swing.

So let me unravel the mystery and demonstrate for you a series of movements that essentially form the very core of a powerful technique; specifically the role played by the legs and lower body generally in generating rotational speed and energy.

Perfecting this athletic body action will transform your golf swing.

Upper body turns and coils against the resistance of the right knee to create a `loaded' position at the top.

Golf Driver Swing Sequence

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