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Short Game - How to Play a Chip Shot

The Chip Shot

This is a low and running shot played like this;

At Address

  • Hands just forward of the ball, between the centre of the chest and left armpit.
  • Weight favours the left side with centre of the chest forward of the ball (55%-45% approx).
  • Do - feel relaxed, comfortable and balanced.
  • Heels 6-8 inches apart.
  • Shoulder square or slightly left (open).
  • Feet and hips aimed slightly left (open).
  • Grip down the club slightly for control.
  • Don’t - grip tightly or push your hands too far forward.
  • Ball position - centre.

Chipping Address Position



  • The hands and wrists are relatively passive but must remain relaxed throughout.
  • There is a slight wrist set.
  • Length of swing usually between an 8 and 9 o’clock position.
  • Path of swing inside and up.
  • Pace smooth and rhythmical.
  • Mainly an upper body dominated action - allow the triangle formed by the arms and shoulders at address to stay relatively constant throughout.
  • Weight remains on the left-side.

Do - allow the hands and wrists to relax a small wrist set is required anyway
Don’t - snatch the club away - smooth and rhythmical is best

Chipping Backswing Position


  • Head is still, eyes looking at the back of the ball.
  • Do - allow your upper body to turn back through impact working in harmony with your hands and arms
  • The lower body is relatively passive - slight weight shift.
  • The triangle returns to impact with the upper body continuing to rotate leftward.

Do not allow the hands or wrists to work independently.
Don’t - panic and try to get the hands to impact too soon or independently

Chipping Impact Position


  • Upper body has turned towards the target.
  • Do - feel that the triangle of the arms and shoulders remains in front of the chest and that the club head feels low and wide.
  • Don’t - have too long a follow-through or weight transfer
  • The shaft is now at the 4 / 3 o’clock position.
  • The arms and club shaft are “centred” to the body - the triangle maintained.
  • Weight is balance on the left-side.

Chipping Follow through or finish Position

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