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Featured Golf Coaches

Calling All Golf Coaches Worldwide!

Here’s a great and free way to promote your golf lesson business and your golf school or golf club. Simply become a Featured Coach on www.saveamillionshots.com.

The Benefits Are Great!

As a registered golf professional on www.saveamillionshots.com you have access to all the following tools and features to help you grow your business for FREE!

Here are 10 FREE Methods of Marketing Your Golf Lesson Business Online

1. Golf Professionals can create a profile and can showcase videos from students showing their progress.

2. Golf Pros can generate new business by tapping into their students' network of friends.

3. Golf coaches can upload their own video tips and promote themselves across the website for free.

4. The golfer or the golf coach can upload and store videos, store notes from each lesson and share comments.

5. Golfers can leave powerful video testimonials about a coach to help further increase his/her reputation online.

6. Sales Leads - Emails are sent to the 3 nearest Featured Coaches when users upload a video requesting help with their swing.

7. The nearest 3 Featured Coaches are shown on Users' home pages bringing valuable local sales leads.

8. Golf Coach Leaderboard - the more a coach participates across the site, the higher up the Coaches’ Leaderboard he/she climbs leading to greater free exposure across the website.

9. Videos and feedback can be shared privately for elite players. This is ideal for remote learning - better quality, faster and more reliable than a player sending a coach a video via email.

10. Golf professionals can link to your SaveAMillionShots.com profile page from your website, so visitors to your site can see an independent assessment of your reputation and coaching prowess. You can also add a free website link to your site from your biography helping you with your search engine ranking.

+ For Your Golf Academy, Golf School Or Golf Club Website


We have created a simple system which saves you investing thousands of pounds and time in adding video to your own website, golf club, golf school or academy website. You can add videos to your website by simply cutting and pasting some code into your website. This gives you the power of video to help you grow your business.

• You can upload your own videos to www.saveamillionshots.com and then ‘copy and paste’ them back onto your own site using the embed code provided.

• You can add an upload video facility to your website - so your students, members or visitors can upload videos of their swings for you to analyse. This requires them to register at www.saveamillionshots.com. You can then ‘copy and paste’ them back onto your own site.

• For a slightly more sophisticated implementation you can take a feed of your videos on www.saveamillionshots.com and re-publish them on your website for free using our RSS feed. You may require some help from the developer of your website, but it is a small job.

• It’s very simple to do and all the information about how to do it is at the bottom of your My Account page which you will see every time you login.

The Costs Are Zero!

Just spending a few minutes every now and then responding to some relevant local queries and increasing your reputation will ensure that golfers looking to improve their golf game can find out about your services and the success you have enjoyed with your students.

You will also be contributing to an important mission: “To raise standards, lower handicaps and increase participation in golf worldwide”, by providing free golf advice, golf articles, golf instruction videos and links to the best golf coaches, golf schools, golf academies and golf clubs worldwide.

If you are a PGA golf coach or perhaps a fully qualified golf professional with another association such as the WGTF (World Golf Teachers’ Federation) or the EGTF (European Golf Teachers Federation) and you would like a great and free way to promote your business then create a profile for free today.

www.saveamillionshots.com features content from some of the best coaches in the world, and you too can join this growing line-up. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Create New Account

Make sure you select “golf coach”, then enter a short biography about your experience and what you can offer golfers looking to improve. Enter your postcode/zip code so we can send you enquiries from golfers in your area.

Step 2: Update Your Profile

Add a photo, a link to your website (which will help you rank better in search engines), upload your own swing tips and ‘before’ and ‘after’ videos from your students.

Step 3: Invite Your Students

As well as uploading your own instruction tips, you can also upload your students’ lessons and store them for free. This is a great way for you to retain their business and grow your business through their network of friends by getting them to add feedback and testimonials about your lessons.

Step 4: Just Join-in!

We send all Featured Coaches email enquiries from golfers in their local area looking to improve their game of golf. The nearest Featured coaches also appear on users’ home pages and on our Golf Coach Leaderboard.

Step 5: Climb the Golf Coach Leaderboard

The more you interact on the site the more you will increase your reputation. For every action you make on the site earns you points; from initial registration and inviting friends, through to uploading videos and commenting on videos or answering golfers’ questions in our forums. The more you participate, the more points you will earn, the higher up the leaderboard you will climb, the more you will be promoted across the site, the more your reputation will increase and the more your business will grow! Here is a quick list of the activities which earn you leaderboard points and help you climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Becoming a Featured Coach is a great way to help you retain your existing customers and find new ones.

Join us today!

For a current list of featured coaches see http://www.saveamillionshots.com/golf_coaches

To see a live example of a golf professional using this FREE golf marketing service to help them increase their business then look at their profile page from their listing on the golf coach leaderboard featured throughout the site.

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