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How to Get Bloody Good Out of Bunkers!

By Mark Holland - Posted on 18 August 2008

A Lesson on Bunker Fundamentals

By Top Australian Tour Coach Mark Holland, Head Golf Coach to the Australian Institute of Sport

My Philosophy

Mark Holland Australian Tour Golf Coach Bunker LessonBunker play can and should, given a fair lie, be as easy as splashing sand onto the green.  All you need is enough swing and force to do so.

For all players, learning any new skill is about first developing a CONCEPT; an idea of WHAT, WHY and HOW you are going to go about the skill. 

Then you need a PICTURE; an image of how it is done and how you are going to do it. 

Next you need a DRILL; the movement you need to FEEL.  Logically we all interpret our surroundings via our senses and so too in golf we use our senses to help create a FEEL of the movement which will give us the ball flight, distance, direction, roll and ultimately the scores we desire. 

Next comes PRACTICE.  Practice is unavoidable if you are to become proficient at any skill, even for the most gifted.  Practice will reinforce and cement the skill to a more automated stage. 

Lastly TEST and RE-TEST - to progress you need to be objective about your skills.  Record your sand saves % in your practice sessions and play.  Most European Tour pros average just over 50% sand saves, whilst the very best achieve a 75% success rate.  As an amateur you should be aiming for 33% and striving for 50%. This process is very important as it is necessary to refine your learning as you develop as a player. 

To learn about; distance control, how to play short and long bunker shots and some great practice drills why not buy Mark Holland's lesson on bunker play for £3.99 from www.dizzyheights.com.

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