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How to Grip the Club for Bunker Shots

By Mark Holland - Posted on 18 August 2008

Setup Basics - The Grip

The way in which you grip the club and set your body to the ball, will have a huge influence on your strike and subsequent ball flight.

The grip determines clubface control as it will affect the height of shots, wrist position and hinging characteristics and potentially the angle of attack into the ball and the swing plane. 

I strongly recommend a neutral grip for all basic short game shots including bunkers.

How to grip a club for a bunker shot

How to grip the golf club for a bunker shot

The bottom hand placement in particular will affect the open and closed nature of the clubface as well as the dynamic loft and in that context needs to be a precision work of art so that you can play many different types of shots.  The grip placement affects

  • How the wrists hinge and release the clubhead to impact
  • The dynamic loft at impact
  • The nature of the wrist set (top hand) at the top of the backswing, i.e. cupped ,flat or laid off
  • How your body will move to present the clubhead and clubface through to impact
  • The flexibility of the wrists and therefore grip security

The Bunker Shot Golf Grip Explained

There are of course grip variations you can use to play specialty shots, just like a tennis player who changes grips for various shots so too can you. 

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